Aqua Planet 63

Aqua Planet 63

From mermaids to flying penguins, it’s a world of aquatic fun in Seoul

Look out for mermaids, and discover a spectacular underwater world full of waterfalls and wildlife

Watch penguins, seals, and sea lions in action at daily live shows, and take part in a fish-feeding session

Treat the kids to a real life show by a mermaid – a truly magical experience for little underwater adventurers!

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They say that one day a wormhole was uncovered in the basement of the 63 Building, which turned out to be a secret pathway to a mysterious world known as Aqua Planet 63. Descend into the depths and explore this land of waterfalls, wildlife, and mermaid-themed miracles beneath the streets of Seoul. It’s guaranteed to be exciting!

In the Aqua Planet Garden, you can learn about mysterious marine life and aquatic plants from the Amazon. Looking for more marine magic? See what creatures lurk beneath the sea and waterfalls in Aqua Planet Valley.

Meet a friendly family of otters in Otter Planet, before experiencing the mesmerizing world of jellyfish and coral reefs in the Golden Miracle Zone.

Visit Penguin Planet to get up close and personal with flying penguins, and learn all their secrets of survival. Meanwhile, on Coral Planet, all your questions on these colorful life-forms will be answered.

Learn more about seals and witness their tricks at the daily seal show – they’ve been trained to swim in sync with their human friends! There are also daily shows with the hungry penguins and otters, so prepare for things to get pretty fishy.

Speaking of fishy… kids will love the mermaids performing daily in their watery worlds!


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