Photography Exhibition «Kang Woongu: Those Moments of People’s Time» - Korean CulturePhotography Exhibition «Kang Woongu: Those Moments of People’s Time»

GoEun Museum of Photography is holding Those Moments of People’s Time, a photography exhibition by Kang Woongu. Kang’s portrait photos look plain at first but have ingenious auras. They were taken frankly based on the respect for the subjects and shooting conditions. They represent a consistent photographic perspective from which he honestly recorded the humane sensitivity perceived in close communication with the subjects. I am certain that the perspective that Kang has maintained consistently for more than 50 years – from which he has photographed subjects as they are, keeping their impressions intact and restraining his ambition and intervention as a photographer – is his philosophy on photography. Notably, his works manifested through the referential function of photography and exploration of its abstract value are quite impressive.

START: Sep.11, 2021
END: Dec.26, 2021
HOURS: 10:00~18:00
HOLIDAYS: Every Monday
Free admission
LANGUAGES: English and Korean
PHONE (Kor): 070-7011-5571
WEBSITE (Eng/Kor): 

Goeun Museum of Photography
16, Haeundae-ro 452beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

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