Seok nan hee, sleepOnline Exhibition «Seok Nan-hee: Sleep»

I mainly paint acrylic and digital paintings. Various themes are expressed using bright tones of color, a canvas with a sense of shape, and space. It visualizes the ambiguous boundaries between everyday life and imagination and enjoys problematic stories. You can see the dark side of everyday life in a light atmosphere. We want the viewer to infer the story in the picture and create their own story. The concept of the painting is an imaginary painting that contains elements of modern daily life. It reinterprets and expresses modern people’s perceptions, events, and the atmosphere of the times with simple and symbolic images. In the work, imaginary places and characters are drawn together with everyday props. Surreal and familiar everyday life meet, creating a sense of unfamiliarity and sympathy. The pastel-toned paintings look light, but they also contain dark and contradictory stories such as violence and alienation. Wrong props that do not fit the place and situation sometimes approach the viewer like a riddle. In this exhibition, the digital painting series “Sleep” will be introduced for the first time. Using warm and cold colors, the overall atmosphere is captured by the temperature and feeling of the colors. It is the time when the sun goes to bed at sunset, and at dawn when most people are sleeping, it is an appreciation of the fleeting times. I think that sleep is the unfree boundary between reality and imagination.

START: Mar.12, 2021
END: Sep.11, 2021
ADMISSION FEES (online): Free admission


PHONE: 010-5115-8420
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