Beautiful Mint Life 2021Music Festival «Beautiful Mint Life 2021»

The Beautiful Mint Life 2021 festival will be remembered as a completely new experience for artists, audiences and staff as well. The method of operation and the atmosphere of the site can be a bit uncomfortable, but you will be able to remember the comfort and excitement forgotten with the performances of artists that will fill the site and the picnic that they will experience after so long without festivals. Furthermore, if all of these programs go off without a hitch, it will be a small miracle in the history of the performance culture created by everyone who participated. We wait for you at the beginning of summer after passing the peak of spring. Add your colours to the background of the endless green grass to complete the miracle.

START: Jun.26, 2021
END: Jun.27, 2021
HOURS: 3:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm
AGE: over 14 years old

Designated Seating Area (Saturday/Sunday) KRW 77,000
Designated Picnic Area (2 people; Saturday/Sunday) KRW 154,000 (KRW 77,000 x2 people)
Designated Picnic Area (3 people; Saturday/Sunday) KRW 231,000 (KRW 77,000 x3 people)
Festival Online KRW 33,000


E-MAIL (Kor):

Olympic Park
424 Olympic-ro, Oryun-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 송파구 오륜동 올림픽로 424