JoonKeun Lee: CHAOSMOS - Korean CulturePhotographic exhibition «JoonKeun Lee: CHAOSMOS»

JoonKeun LEE is a convergence artist who uses mathematical logic on aesthetic values of objects for his inner experiences that he felt from various aspects of his life, producing unique photographs. Starting with fiber art, his artworks have continuously expanded based on design, contemporary art, and photograph images, and have manifested very passionate and surrealistic perspectives. As shown in the dictionary definition of “Chaosmos,” the title of his exhibition, ‘order within chaos,’ the images that do not seem to get along with this exhibition have been combined and stable artworks have been created. Also, the images that seem to get along have been assembled but unexpected and chaotic works have been recreated, highlighting the artist’s experimental perspectives.

START: Jun.12, 2021
END: Aug.29, 2021
HOURS: 10:00~18:00
HOLIDAYS: Every Monday
Free admission

LANGUAGES: English and Korean
PHONE (Kor): 070-7011-5571
WEBSITE (Eng/Kor): 

Goeun Museum of Photography
16, Haeundae-ro 452beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

부산 해운대구 해운대로452번길 16