Trickeye Museum y Ice Museum

Trickeye Museum y Ice Museum

Step into 3D paintings, shrinking rooms, and ice hotels in Seoul

Become a part of 3D paintings on the walls, floors, and ceilings, and let your eyes be tricked

Explore multiple galleries, hang from beams, ride a camel, swing with Spiderman, and more!

Enter a world of ice in the Ice Museum and explore ice homes, ice slides, and enjoy iced drinks

Make like Mary Poppins and step inside a painting. Ride a sea dragon or surf the waves on two tooth-bearing sharks. You can do anything you thought was impossible in the awe-inspiring world of optical illusions known as Seoul’s Trickeye Museum.

It’s an equally cool time over at the Ice Museum, where you’ll leave the metropolis of Seoul behind and chill out in an icy wonderland. Pop into ice houses, ride ice slides, and test your wits in minus temps.

Desde € 11.09


What’s included

  • Admission to Trickeye Museum in Seoul
  • Admission to the Ice Museum




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